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STI Indicators Conference Series

In 2010 two prominent international conference series were merged – the ENID series, initiated in 2005 in the context of the EU funded PRIME network of excellence, and the "Leiden" STI series, initiated in 1988 by CWTS (formerly Lisbon Institute), University of Leiden. Since then the International Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators Conference (STI Conference) has been organized under the auspice of ENID. It provides a European and worldwide forum for presenting and discussing advances in constructing, using, and interpreting science and technology indicators. The STI Indicators conference series is devoted to bring together researchers, STI producers and users, as well as other stakeholders. The STI Indicators conference series thus contributes to gain a better understanding with regard to S&T Indicators applied in different contexts which range from understanding institutional structures, developmental processes, and contexts of science itself to their use as analytical tools in knowledge management and science policy decision making.

The STI Indicators conference series is jointly organized by ENID and the hosting institution. Previous conferences took place in Leiden 2010, Rome 2011, Montréal 2012, Berlin 2013, Leiden 2014, Lugano 2015, València 2016, Paris 2017, Leiden 2018 and in 2019 as a Special track of the ISSI conference in Rome and 2021 as a virtual event organized by Danish Centre for Studies on Research and Research Policy (CFA) at Aarhus University. The next STI Indicators conference will be held from September 7th–9th 2022 in Granada, Spain.

In its meeting on 6 September 2013 in Berlin the general assembly endorsed the following rules regarding the organization of the ENID STI Indicators conference series:

Proposals to organize and host a conference can be send to the who will submit the proposal to the ENID board. The ENID board will decide upon accepting a proposal. At each ENID conference the location for the next conference shall be announced.